How To Write A Successful Blog Post

Content marketing is the most relevant way to help you increase traffic to your website and promote your services. Check out the following resources to help get you started!


Creating content for your blog is one of the most relevant ways to help you increase traffic to your website and promote your services. In fact, on average, property management companies that consistently blog produce 67% more leads per month compared to those that don’t. More leads equal more revenue for your property management company.

Getting started with content can be overwhelming, but you've already done the hard work of creating all the content for your website! Providing answers to commonly asked property management questions, reporting on current market trends, or sharing commonly made mistakes by DIY Landlords is just a start to the content you can create for your blog. 

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blog-2Recommended Blog Structure 

How you structure your blog post can make all the difference on whether your post shows on the search results. 

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educationHow to Post a New Blog

Once you have crafted your post, you'll need to post it on your blog. For the best results, create a consistent schedule in which you will release new blog posts.

When posting your blog, you have the option between posting yourself or sending it to Customer support who can schedule and post your blog for you.

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 How to Share Your Blog to Social Media

You've spent the time to create engaging content - now what? Cross-promoting your content on social media can help drive traffic to your website!

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your blog content written for you

Not ready to start blogging on your own? Over the past few years, we've heard consistent feedback on how difficult it is for property managers to write their own blog content or how expensive it is to hire a “ghost” writer and then ensure the content written applies to their company and the property management industry. 

We offer blog writing services to get you highly relevant, professionally written content for your blog. We do everything from keyword research, topic creation, professionally writing, optimizing for SEO, and even posting directly to your blog! Click the link below to learn more!

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