Recommended Blog Structure

Read the following section to learn how to properly structure your blog posts

How to Write the Perfect Blog 

How you structure your blog post can make all the difference on whether your post shows on the search engine results. Having a blog can be a great way to connect with your audience and share your knowledge. It's also a way to establish yourself as an expert in the property management industry.


Blog Post Structure 

<H1> Headline/ Title <H1>

A question or eye-catching subject

Intro Blurb

1-2 sentence answer to your question or headline. Google specifically likes to see the answer close to your question, resulting in your post being at the top of the search results. 

Image / Video

Be sure to include a high-resolution image in all your blogs that are relevant to your post. Video is even better! Once you have finished writing your blog, shoot your video! Your video can be as short as your question and answer or the entire content of your blog!


AKA the meat of your blog! Who, what, where, when, why!

    • Who/What - you are talking about
    • Why Is It Important to your readers?
    • When should they do what you say?
    • How should they do it?

Provide specific instructions for your reader to follow. 


Finalize your content with what your recommendation is. How would your company handle this, what would you do differently? Make the reader solve the issue!

CTA or Call To Action

Don't forget to have a way for the reader to contact you if they want to learn more! We recommend adding the lead form on the side so it can be completed at any point during the readers' experience. 

Additional Links

Link to the relevant blogs or pages within your website the reader would find relevant. This is a good way to increase time on site by keeping the reader on your site!

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