Chat Optimized Checklist

Use your online chat to assist your visitors exactly when they need it. This means more lead conversion through your website! Check out the tips below to make the most out of your online chat

Login! We mean it!
Being active on chat is the most important part of chat.

Set up your status

If you notice you’re not receiving any chats, always make sure that your status is set to Accept Chats.

Turn on ONLY the notifications you need
Chat can be overwhelming if you receive tons of traffic to your website. Choose if you want to receive notifications for new and returning visitors to your website or just for incoming chats, new messages in chat or a new ticket.

Don’t forget to download the LiveChat Agent App!
We know you are busy and always on the go. The mobile app allows you to stay connected without being connected to your desk, computer, or office.

Get the whole team involved
You can start with 1 employee managing chat or you can get the entire team involved, transferring chats to the correct departments to speed up customer service response times!

Test your own chat!
Know exactly what a potential future owner or tenant will experience when interacting with your chat. Try it out yourself, make changes, and continue to monitor.

Tag your chats
Before you close the chat, remember to tag it to let the rest of your team know what the chat was about. This will give you a look into what type of people and what type of items are being brought up via chat. To learn more about tags, click here.

Is it spam?
If a ticket is not malicious, but it’s been sent by mistake, for example, it is better to switch its status to Solved without replying to it. In this case, the customer will not be notified that the ticket has been solved, but if they need your attention at another time, their email will not be blocked.

Add Personalized Canned Responses
Canned responses should be used to improve the customer experience not worsen it. Don’t become a robot, use them as templates to tweak to that specific situation.

Be transparent
Speedy service makes a good impression, but being precise is even better. When you need the customer to wait a moment, let them know what you’re doing.

Confirm contact info
If you need to get back to contact, be sure to confirm their contact information.

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