How to Access Your AMP Leads

Step by step instructions on how to access your leads with AMP!

If you received an email you are on the New System Advanced Marketing , please follow the instructions in the video below.

Step 1 - Log into Free Rental Site

Go to and click Login, upper right. Log in with your email and password or click FORGOT PASSWORD to reset if you don't know it. 

Unsure if you have an account? email

Step 1 - Log into FreeRentalSite

Step 2 - Click WEBSITE

Step 3 - Click WEBSITE LEADS

Step 2 & Step 3

Step 4 - Click a Date to Review Reports & Recorded Calls

Step 4- review date

Step 5 - Access Lead Information 

Once there you can click on DOWNLOAD to get the recorded phone calls or click on the VIEW DETAILS to see information about the submitted Rent Range information. 

Step 5 - Access Lead Information 

Step 6 - View Details & Rent Report 

Step 5 - Access Lead Information 

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Additional Resources 

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