How to Internally use the Rent Range Report

You can also run the Rent Range Report internally for 6 Credits per report. This is a discounted rate and only covers our cost to Rent Range. To access it, you will log into your account and purchase credits.

Step 1 - Log into Free Rental Site

Go to and click Login, upper right. Log in with your email and password or click FORGOT PASSWORD to reset if you don't know it. 

Unsure if you have an account? email

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 1.18.17 PM

Step 2 - Click WEBSITE



Step 4 - Click 'Create Rental Analysis'

You will then be prompted to purchase Credits. Complete the process to purchase credits and then run the report. 

If there are any questions or issues you can email them to:

Step 4 - Click 'Create Rental Analysis'

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