How Does AMP Work?

AMP is a widget that allows potential owners to know what the estimated rental income could be for their property. We developed a 2 step process to maximize your marketing efforts.


1. A potential client is asked to enter their rental address.

2. The AMP instantly captures the property address and automatically sends a company-branded postcard to the homeowner

This allows you to identify and market to new management prospects automatically and potentially double new business opportunities through your website. 

Below is an example of a Property Management Services Page which includes a TRACKING PHONE NUMBER [1] and the AMP FORM [2].

The call tracking number is unique to your services page and will only be used on this page - do not be alarmed as it will be redirecting to your office number or phone number of your choice. This is used to specifically track prospective owner clients calling from your services page - you can download and listen to the calls anytime. 

AMP Step 1

After the prospective client fills out the address in step one, you will be notified via email and they will be directed to step two for the automated rental analysis. The address from step one will be used to mail a company-branded postcard to the prospective client as a reminder of your management services.


Sample Standard Postcards

Custom Postcards

Email support for a custom postcard quote:


In step two, our AMP captures even more detailed client information, including their name, email, and phone number, and then automatically emails a company-branded rental analysis to them (and your company)! This report tells them how much rent they can get for their investment.

This allows visitors to:

1. Research whether they are getting the highest rents possible

2. See how their properties are priced compared to nearby rentals

3. Determine how their rental market is performing overall

All while giving you the ability to capture and convert leads


Below is an example of the report the Property Management Company and Owner will receive, however, it will be branded with the Property Management Company's Logo.

Screen Shot 2021-08-18 at 2.29.42 PM

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