Video Content Ideas

Starting with Video Content can seam overwhelming, don't let it be! Start small by reaping or highlighting your services, areas you service, what your pricing includes, or your top 5 highest ranking blogs. Keep reading to learn more!

Potential owners want to see who they are trusting with their business. They want to put a face to a name. Creating original and authentic video content can be the deciding factor for whether users continue browsing through your website or leave and proceed elsewhere. Check out the following ideas to help get you started creating your video library!

  • Services included in your Property Management - Be sure to call out what sets you apart and how you would handle different scenarios! Here are a few categories of services.
    • Marketing
    • Tenant Screening
    • Lease Execution & Renewals
    • Rent Collection
    • Maintenance
    • Financial Reporting
    • Eviction & Pet Protection
    • Getting Properties Rent Ready 
  • Guarantees  - If your property management company has any guarantees that you provide owners, create a video calling out what the guarantees are and how you can guarantee it. For example "Eviction Guarantee" - explain your tenant screening process and legal process around evictions. 
  • Types of Properties You Manager - Inform potential customers on the types of properties you manage and lease. Ie Residential, condos, townhomes, multi-family and more! 
  • Why partner with you! - Recap a glimpse of how you operate, what potential owners can expect from your company, and more!
  • Recap Blogs - While we don't recommend recording word for word of your blog post, we do recommend answering the highest level question or talking 1-2 minutes about what the main topic of the blog post is about. This is an easy way to increase user time on site thus increasing your SEO! 
  • About us - Tell potential customers about how the property management company was started and how it has evolved to where it is today! 
  • Why Investors should invest in your city/state real estate or investment properties 
  • Pros & Cons to investing in real estate
  • Resident Benefit Package - Residents and future tenants prove to spend the most amount of time on your website! Making videos directed at them will also help your overall average time on site, helping your SEO!
  • Ways to maximize your rental income
  • Lease renewal tips
  • Market trends - Ie Inflation in Rental Real Estate
  • When to sell vs when to rent your rental income property
  • DIY landlord vs Property Management Services
  • New Property Management Laws
  • Company Updates - Tell your potential customers and current about new services, new hires, and more!

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