10 Video Content Filming Tips

There are several things you can do to enhance the quality of your in office recorded videos. Expensive equipment isn't always the best place to start! Creating videos with an iPhone and a well lite place is enough to get you started!


  1. Lighting
    Sit near a window for natural light or add lamps if you can. You want to ensure you can be seen in the video without shadows.
  2. Audio
    Test your audio before recording your first video. You will want to check for your own audio and any background noise. If you aren't able to her yourself, try and add an external mic like your favorite headphones, headset, or AirPods.
  3. Tripod
    Set your phone or camera on a stable surface. You will want to record, at minimum, from the shoulders up. Avoid having anyone hold the phone and record as they will cause continuous movement. If needed, you can pick up relatively inexpensive tripods for you cell phone or camera. 
  4. Location
    Try and find a quick location with a simple background. An office, desk, or receptionist area are just a few of our favorite locations. 
  5. Lens
    Be sure to wipe your camera or cell phone lens before getting started! No one wants to look at a dirty picture!
  6. Horizontal
    For best results record your video the long ways or horizontal. This will give you the widest angel and will format best when uploading to YouTube.  
  7. Height
    As mentioned in #3, you'll want to raise your camera to be at eye-level. You don't want to be looking too far down or too far up. It's no ones best angel! 
  8. Camera
    If you are recording on a cell phone, turn the camera around so you can see yourself recording. 
  9. Eye Contact
    Look at the tiny camera hole! Don't look at yourself in the camera reflection. Don't forget to smile! 
  10. Record 
    Be you! That's what got you here. Aim for a natural approach! 

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