Getting Started With Advanced Rental Analysis (AMP)

Our Automated Rental Analysis (AMP) helps you gain more leads, convert them more consistently .... and it's conveniently automated!

amp-email-2 (1)Call Tracking 

Every client using AMP gets a call tracking phone number so you can target the leads coming from prospective management clients calling your office

Our user-friendly software keeps track of every form submission, so you will never lose a lead again!

The call tracking number is unique to your services page and will only be used on this page - do not be alarmed as it will be redirecting to your office number or phone number of your choice.



How to Access Your Leads

Keeping track of your leads is
directly correlated to your success!

Click here to learn how to access your AMP Leads.


Rent Range Report 

You can also run the Rent Range Report internally for 6 credits per report. This is a discounted rate and only covers our cost to Rent Range. 

To access it, you will log into your account and purchase credits.
Click here to learn how to 'Create a Rental Analysis'.

If you have any questions about AMP or need help, please send your requests to or submit a ticket. Both options are clickable below!

Please note, any non-business critical requests will be handled from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

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