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Reputation Management

Google wants a unique response to every single review, no matter the star rating. This helps to show activity on your account and add to your overall account trust.

Google wants to see new reviews being added to your listings at a consistent rate. Having a bulk of 5 star reviews in one day then nothing for 3 months may cause Google to remove or hide these reviews, as they may not be credible.

A reputation management program (like Grade.us) and drip campaigns can help you to request reviews at a steady rate without annoying your owners and tenants.

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Always be on the lookout for an opportunity for reviews!

The best way to get Yelp reviews (while many of us do have a love/hate relationship with the site) is to ask someone, willing to review you, if they are an active Yelp-er. The more active someone, the more reviews, the more likely their review to show up on your profile.

When it comes to getting more reviews through your Grade.us profile, you can share your Grade.us unique URL at any point in a text or email, and you can also include a widget in your signature as well as your entire team's.

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When logging into Grade.us, you will see the Invite tab, once in that tab, go to "Emails" and you'll see that we've set up your 3 default emails.

They are setup using the source code (for formatting purposes), so if you want to make any changes to the text, let us know (mikayla@nesthub.com), we can pop in and make those changes quickly for you!

In order to begin uploading contacts, you'll go to the Invite tab > Recipients > and then chose to add 1 at a time or upload your CSV file.

You have the ability to set how many emails to "activate" (IE how many emails will be sent out) each day, we recommend starting with 10.

The contacts will automatically move from Pending > Active > Inactive as they move through the contact process.

(Our recommendation is to keep your qty to 10 people/day or less to keep from "spamming" your Google page with too many reviews at once.)


You are setup to receive alerts of your reviews.

Additionally, you can track your progress with the reviews on your Email/Text Activity tab within Invites, as well as the "Reviews" tab.

Keep in mind, this tab is helpful as well to respond to and share your reviews.

We've also scheduled reports to come to you on the 1st each month, these will summarize the last 3 months of data.

At anytime, we can change the frequency & timeline of data within the report and schedule additional reports for your team.

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