RentScreener Pro Accounts and Tenant Screening Options

PRO Account and Screening Options
RentScreener is a complete application and screening tool that will streamline your business.  RentScreener works on every device, so your screening tool is as mobile as you are.    There are no contracts to sign as we believe in earning your loyalty.  Please note the time frame of launching each account and application live under each Account Description.   *There is a $5.00 RentScreener Processing Fee per each applicant that applies with all our account options.* 

RentScreener Pro with TransUnion Integration for Screening:
RentScreener Pro account   is recommended for Property Managers/Landlords with at least 10 units.  This allows you to set up a RentScreener Account and Customizable Application plus get reports directly from the bureau and run a credit, criminal and eviction check on your applicants.  With a full TransUnion integration, you can process an applicant in under 30 seconds.        **This account setup takes longer (4-5 weeks) due to the TransUnion Membership Process you will have to undergo, if you should decide to go this route.**
The Requirements for TU Membership are:
  • You must have at least 10 units
  • Complete the Preliminary Form 
  • Complete the Preliminary Questions 
  • Complete their application 
  • Contact us at to learn more about the TransUnion Screening Packages we offer
  • You Must pass the Onsite Inspection.  Office/Home Office must have:
    • A dedicated office separate from any living space and not shared - Home Office Requirement Also
    • a lock on door 
    • company name on the sign outside of building/door
    • office equipped with a computer that has a password for login
    • shredder
    • file cabinet that locks
    • and you agree not to share or pass along any information from the credit report to anyone (Owners, Landlords, Third Parties) 

RentScreener Pro Application Only:
RentScreener Pro Service just for Application Only.  This gives you the option to do the Tenant Screening with an external screening system.  This option will allow you to set up a Pro Account with a Customizable Application set with your own application fee.  RentScreener collects a $5.00 Convenience Fee for each applicant that applies and remits the application fee back to you twice a month on the 15th and 30th once your balance reaches a minimum of $50.00.        *This account setup takes 1-3 days depending on your setup requirements for application.*

RentGrade Pro Account:
Ideal for landlords with 1-100+ units.  RentScreener's in house screening team will run the reports from the bureaus and put together a RentReport which includes a RentGrade (A,B,C, or F) along with any criminal and eviction reports.  RentScreener is unable to disclose any information from the Credit Report (ie: Credit Scores - we will give you a 49 point range 700-749).    A RentReport contains RentGrade (Financial Risk Factor), Income to Rent Ratio, National Eviction Report, and National Criminal Report from TransUnion.  To learn more about RentGrade visit  .  The cost of the RentReport is $25.00 each applicant screened plus the $5.00 Convenience Fee for each applicant.   You may also visit our website at   to see examples of our RentReports.       *This account setup takes 1-3 days depending on your setup requirements for application.*


Please let us know if you have any questions, or if you would like to schedule a call to discuss further during office hours Monday - Thursday 10am EST - 4pm EST.

We look forward to working with you!