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Our clients see great returns on the LiveChat tool when they are logged in as often, as possible!

Live Chat Training (1)-1

One of our clients has even shared that they recently closed a management contract, exclusively via LiveChat on their site. LiveChat allows you another channel of converting traffic from your site. 

When you are investing technology & marketing dollars as well as investing your time and effort into your site - you REALLY need to give yourself EVERY opportunity and chance to convert the leads from your site. 

LiveChat is, in some cases, generating 300 additional interactions/month for our clients. 

The key for LiveChat is simple...


Live Chat Training (1)-2

Logging In

There is one very important thing to understand when you login to the application for the very first time. After typing in your user name and password, you become available for chat. From now on, you should be prepared to receive chats from customers.

This means that every time a chat goes unanswered, customers will get bad experience. This should be avoided at all costs! You can access LiveChat via the web application.

Accepting Chats

When you login to the application, depending on your previous settings, you can have the Accept chats status or the Don’t accept chats one.

Through one to one communication, which involves answering various inquiries and solving problems, agents should strive to please their customers. To receive chats, you need to have the Accept chats status. If you don’t want to immediately engage customers, you can stay in the Don’t accept chats status and just monitor the traffic on site.


Live Chat Training (1)-4

1 - My Chats A list of all customers who are chatting with you. Switch between chats by clicking on names on the list. 

2 - Queued Chats A list of all customers that are currently waiting in the queue. If you have some free time on your hands, pick a customer from the list to start a conversation 

3 - Supervised Chats A list of customers who are chatting with your teammates. You can supervise those chats and see how other agents communicate with visitors. 

4 - Chat History Previously sent messages, both from you and your customer. Additionally, you will be able to see what the visitor is currently typing in through the message sneak-peek. 

5 - Message Area Type in your message here and send it to the customer. Your visitor will be notified that you have started replying, providing some additional reassurance that the case is being handled. 

6 - Visitor Details Here you will find all the information provided by your customers. You can check their e-mail address, location, the page they are currently on and much more. 


Canned Responses If you're replying to the same questions over and over (for instance - directing someone to your pricing page/management services page), consider saving those replies as canned responses. It will shorten your response times and save keystrokes on repetitive typing. With canned responses, you type it once, save it and reuse it in chats and tickets whenever you need. 

Predictive Chat The client on the other end doesn't realize it but... you will be able to see what they're typing before they even hit send. This allows you to have a bit of extra prep time in getting your thoughts together as well as any resources you may need to send to them. 

Offline Messages Whenever a customer comes to your chat and you are not available, an offline message will be displayed and the client will be able to leave you a note. This can be irritating since the client needs his or her case resolved now, not in a few hours.

Mobile App You should try to stay available and use the Accept chats status as much as possible. This is where our mobile applications come into play. They allow you to stay online longer, even after the working hours, by chatting from your mobile device. (Available for both Apple & Android devices) 

*If you ever notice that you are not receiving any chats, your operator status is the first thing you should check. In most cases, you will find that you’ve switched to Don’t accept chats.* 

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