How to Optimize APP!

Your property listings will now be written directly to your website but there is more that you can do to optimize your APP! Check out these tips on how to make the most out of your listings!

1 - NAPS within your listings

NAPs ( Name Address Phone) should be included at the end of every property description. Simply copy and paste the info as it exactly appears on your Google Business listing into each property and it will be spread throughout the web for Google to crawl.

2 - Don't forget the map!

Ensure your map matches the address of your property listing. PMW is a partner with Google, therefore we utilize the Google API to generate your map automatically!

Google tracks everything with their tools including where and how it’s used. By putting a Google map, matching address, and your company information, you are telling Google where you do business. The goal is for Google to associate your company with addresses all over the cities that you service, not just the location of your office!

3 - Add a Property Video Tour

Quality listings with high-resolution images, catchy taglines, long descriptions, and video tours or walk-throughs will keep the user on-site much longer than those without!

APP also has the ability to support 3D video walkthroughs such as Matterport. Reach out to our support team to ensure whatever 3D platform you use can be embedded into your listings.

Don’t have time to make your own videos? We strongly recommend working with Virtually Incredible. They are experts in property management videos and will help you build your listings to best capitalize on them.

4 - Lead Generation From on Page

Once you get in the habit of adding all these factors into your listings, you can then also use them as why owners should choose your property management company. Be sure to include a form somewhere for future owners with the heading: “Let us manage your property”.

5 - High-Quality Images

Be sure your images are optimized and are the largest size possible! By being a PMW customer and using APP, we have the ability to watermark your images with your logo or transparent text across the image. We typically will recommend your company name.

To watermark your images, please request this from support!

6 - Additional Items in the Description

Besides listing all of the property information, be sure to list other things in the area like schools, shopping, highways, etc. Longer descriptions provide more content for Google to crawl & index.

When your property ranks on Google, it becomes the #1 source of that information. Everyone else who posts something similar is considered as a share of your data by Google.

Also, be sure to create unique descriptions for each property. Google is a fan of unique content.


Additional Resources 

Check out these additional resources or contact Support at for more information!