Google Ads - Approach & Goals

Should I use a separate landing page or my current services page?

There are two different methods to do Google Ads depending on your goals

1) Use the Current Services page

Pros- This approach actually helps increase SEO and Organic rankings on your site driving more traffic to the service page.
Cons- The only downfall is tracking the exact number of Google Ads clicks that became leads.
Recommendation- We recommend this for clients who are trying to increase SEO rankings.
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2) Separate Landing page

Pros- This approach allows you to Actively track and manage the amount of leads you get from Google Ads. Only users who click the Ad will have access to the separate landing page.
Cons- However it provides very little SEO value to the website.
Recommendation- We recommend this for clients who want to use Google Ads Long term and track their cost per acquisition through Google Ads spending.
The links within the landing page link to items still within the page, thus not losing that tracking.