Getting Started with Reputation Management

Customer reviews are a highly effective marketing strategy. But your customers must spread the good word about your business for you. So, what’s the best way? Using online reputation management!

Where to Begin with

Transform feedback from reviews, likes, listings, comments, and clicks into your competitive advantage! 

Click here to get started with managing your reputation.



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Survey Link 

Customer support will be sending you an additional email with your personal survey link.

You will utilize this link in your marketing to send to current customers to obtain reviews.



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Email Signature Widget

Customer support will also provide you with your signature widget for your, or your staff’s emails.

Be sure to copy and paste it into your email signature. It will link out to your survey that we provided above and allow users to leave you a review.


graphic-4 (1)Email Drip Campaigns 

Create Email & SMS campaigns to request reviews from your current customers. There are a few differences between sending campaigns to only a few customers vs sending campaigns to all customers! Be sure to check out the links below based on the types of campaigns you would like to send out!

Small Drip Campaigns to Customers                        Large Drip Campaigns to Customers  

Email Drip Campaigns 

**PLEASE NOTE: When selecting a template for your Drip Campaign, please select the template option that displays as [Template Name] - Initial Request. Selecting the Initial Request version of the template will initiate the Drip Campaign and trigger a series of emails to be sent out over time to collect reviews.


Monthly Reporting 

We've scheduled reports to come to you on the 1st of each month. 

This report will summarize your previous month's data.




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