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Choosing A Marketing Platform Next Steps - (Appfolio Customers)

This article is for PMW/appfolio customers who are using the feed from Appfolio to power their listings on their website.  As of 7/16/2014, Appfolio is no longer supporting the feed to FreeRentalSite / PropertyManagerWebsites.

We are committed to supporting your business' technology, so once you make a decision on which platform you would like to use, here are the next steps. Learn more about the differences here: http://www.propertymanagerwebsites.com/blog/appfolio-will-no-longer-be-supporting-the-data-feed-between-appfolio-and-freeRentalSite or view features of our marking platform here: http://www.propertymanagerwebsites.com/rental-marketing/ .

You can also email us any questions or to discuss options at support@freerentalsite.com. 

Choosing FreeRentalSite

We are excited that you chose to take advantage of our marketing platform to power your listings on your property management website.  To implement this into your property manager website, please follow these steps:

  1. Email 'support@freerentalsite.com' that you have decided to use our marketing platform so our development team can start working on your site.

  2. Provide the date that you would like to have your website switched over.

  3. Setup a training time with our team ('support@freerentalsite.com) to learn about the new way to post your listings to your website with FreeRentalSite.com.  Include the best day and time for the demo. This usually takes 30 minutes to an hour. You can also view our videos on posting to FreeRentalSite.

Choosing Appfolio Widget

We respect your decision and are committed to supporting your technology needs.  Here are our next steps to get your new Appfolio widget live on the site:

  1. Contact Appfolio and have them send you the HTML listings widget code for your website.  This is what we need to install the listings on your site.  Please make sure it is the new responsive widget.

  2. Send the Appfolio code and also your website address to 'Support@freerentalsite.com'. We will provide you an estimated date on completion.

  3. Update your listings in your Appfolio account and select the "send to website" option. This will put the listings you choose onto your new widget. Any questions regarding how this works, please contact your Appfolio agent.