Captured vs Authorized

The $5 RentScreener Processing Fee is Non-Refundable the way the account is setup now. There is a way we can setup your account that will allow for you to refund the applicant in full. Right now your account is setup in the Admin section to 'Capture' the Application and Processing Fee and then you are able to process and screen your applicants. This 'Captured' setting does not allow for the system to refund the full amount collected ($5 processing fee). If we switch your account settings in our Admin section to 'Authorize', you will have the option to view the application and make the decision if you wish to proceed with processing the application and 'Charge the Card' (collecting) the application fee and processing fee, or to 'Void' the transaction. By voiding the transaction (before processing application and screening), the applicant will be issued the full application and processing fee back as if they never applied. The 'Authorized' feature places the money in a holding state until you 'Charge the Card' or 'Void' the payment.


I have attached a screenshot (Anchor - Captured vs Authorized) to give you a visual of what your Dashboard will look like if we switch you to 'Authorized'. Please let me know if you would like me to switch your account to 'Authorized'.