Basic Accounts for Landlord Service Inquiry

Thank you for inquiring about our services. RentScreener is a tool to​ accept​ applications online and receive a RentReport​ ​helping you​ ​select​ a​ qualified tenant. There are no costs to you the Landlord. The applicant pays the application fee of $39 online when submitting the application. Get started by following these five easy steps.

1. ​Create an account (
2. Invite an applicant to apply online
3. Your tenant fills out the online application and pays ​a​ $39 application fee​ per applicant​
4. A RentScreener agent will screen the applicant​ and ​create a RentReport​​
5. You will receive ​the RentReport ​which will contain all of the information you need to determine if you should place the applicant in your property

A RentReport contains RentGrade (Financial Risk Factor), Income to Rent Ratio, National Eviction Report, and National Criminal Report from TransUnion. To learn more about RentGrade visit

Here are two demo videos for your review on how to use our services.

How to customize your application:

How to invite applicant's to apply: