Application Error Instructions

Thank you for contacting us at RentScreener. Sometimes the error message can be caused due to using Internet Explorer as your browser. If this is the case, please try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your internet browser as these work best with RentScreener's application.

A couple things to make sure as you fill out the application:

  • Do NOT hit the back arrow when filling out the application. This will cause application to be submitted incompletely with missing information.
  • When entering the Address Applying For, make sure to select from the drop down menu that appears and select the property. You will receive an error message if you type the entire address in the field if applying to an "active" property.
  • Make sure all Required Fields are filled in properly (dates are used correctly with the calendar, number amounts are correct and no special characters are used)
  • A red box will appear around the field that is filled out incorrectly, or that needs to be filled in.
  • If error appears at end of application when trying to submit payment, please make sure you are using a major credit card and not a gift card or prepaid card and that the information is accurate and complete.
  • Filling out applications from a workplace can cause error messages because the network security levels in the office/workplace may not allow for the site and payment transactions along with document uploads to go through their network. **Please fill out from your own personal computer outside of a work environment/office**

**When an application and payment is successfully submitted, RentScreener will have a message "pop up" instantaneously saying: "Thank you for is your Application Number xxxxxxx and a link to check the status of your application".**