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Advanced Properties Plugin

We are always searching for new ways to help you grow your business. We have developed a big one! Our Advanced Properties Plugin is the best addition to the property management industry in 10 years.

Breakdown of APP (Advanced Property Plugin) service

We are now the only website provider in the world that can add your rental properties directly to your website.

This might not mean much to you, but it's a huge deal to Google and their search algorithm. Since we are building a new page for each listing, it is like doing a blog post every time you advertise a rental property. Something you  HAVE to do anyway!

With our advanced properties plugin you will now receive 100% of the credit for tenants searching your property listings on your site. This is by far the busiest section of every property manager's website. If you are using any other plugin or widget, Appfolio, Propertyware, or any wordpress site, this option is not available.

This is a PMW exclusive and it is changing the game for our clients.

  • More than twice as many page views site wide!
  • Average session duration is more than double what it used to be for Advanced properties plugin users!

Since 1/3 of Google's search algorithm is Usage Data, this plug-in is rapidly moving customers up search results. It is also solidifying rankings for those with already good search results.

If you want to maximize the benefits of this plug-in we strongly recommend that you shoot a video for each property and embed it into the description. For this we strongly recommend our partner Virtually Incredible. They are experts in property management videos, and will help you build your listings to best capitalize on this fantastic new technology.

The advanced properties plug-in is an additional $99/month, but is included in any of our upgraded packages.

To add this to your website, please reply this email, or schedule an appointment below.

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